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Hama 00184025

£59.99 £46.99

The Bluetooth headset takes you uninterrupted through the world of music and audio books. With these super-comfortable headphones, you can go on a musical journey of discovery for hours where nothing can disturb you thanks to active noise reduction and clever design.

• Active noise reduction for noise and sound suppression
• Closed design that completely covers the ears for shielding out exterior noise
• The closed circumaural headphones block out disturbing noise and keep music inside
• Padded headband for a comfortable listening experience also over long periods of use
• The headphones are equipped with an individually adjustable headband which adapts to the shape of your head
• Soft ear cushions for your ultimate convenience
• Tilting ear cups adapt to the shape of your head
• Swivelling ear cups provide a better fit and make wearing the headphones around the neck easier



What do a train station, an airport and the London tube have in common? Constant noise, trains, planes and automobiles coming and going, and all manner of languages all mixed up together. It’s enough to make you want to put your hands over your ears! Our clever Bluetooth over-ear stereo headset, Tour ANC, will help you keep your composure in the day-to-day hubbub.

These over-ear headphones comfortably enclose your ears with their soft, cushioned ear cups and block out the cacophony to let you enjoy your favourite playlist in peace. From now on, you can begin and end journeys in a state of total relaxation, taking no notice of irritating background noises and the snoring of your fellow passengers.


Even with the Tour ANC noise-cancelling headset, you’ll never miss what’s going on around you – you’ll be able to hear what you need to even over the music. An integrated microphone enables these travel headphones to measure the ambient volume and generate sound waves to counter and neutralise external noise. The result is that background sounds will seem quieter while you have them on.

Want to escape the ruckus even when you’re not in the mood for listening to music? No problem! The over-ear headset reduces external noise even when it isn’t producing sounds of its own. So you can enjoy a peaceful journey at all times. However, station announcements, security notices and the pilot’s greeting will remain audible even when listening to an audiobook or making a phone call, as this wireless headset only reduces unwanted background noise.


Do you have a very diverse wardrobe? The Tour ANC can easily accommodate and adapt to any style. Whether you’re going for casual and colourful or simple and elegant, with their subtle and stylish design, these wireless headphones are never over the top.


Had enough of the constant cable spaghetti? Integrated buttons directly on the headphones allow you to control the volume and switch them on and off. So disentangling cables is a thing of the past. Ever woken up in the train after a long hard day because your headphones are pressing uncomfortably on your ear? With their soft cushioning, swivelling ear cups and configurable fit, the Tour ANC headphones are just the thing for a short or even a long nap – accompanied by music should you wish.


Your Tour ANC will never let you down, even after a long day. Thanks to its 2-in-1 functioning with Bluetooth or a cable, the headset stays stalwart and reliable no matter how low the charge gets. And if you do have to interrupt your music, you can either wear the headphones with their swivelling ear cups casually around your neck or stow them in your luggage in an instant.

Our untethered travelling companion: Tour ANC bluetooth over-ear stereo headset.


Do you use two smartphones at the same time? Not a problem for the Tour ANC!

MultiPoint technology makes this headset capable of staying connected to two smartphones at the same time. If you receive a business call while listening to music from your private smartphone, you’ll hear a call tone and be able to react to the call flexibly using the multifunction button. Even if a second caller tries to reach you during your conversation, you can simply accept the call and put the other on hold.

Thanks to the QuickPair feature, connecting is extremely simple and takes only seconds

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Colour Black
Noise Cancelling Yes

Hama 00184025

£59.99 £46.99

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